Penis Enlargement Cream


What is Penis Enlargement Cream?

Penis enlargement creams are a topical gel-like liquid to get harder erections. These creams stimulate your penis in a certain way and this causes erections.

The advantage of using these creams is that they made of 100% natural products. So you can avoid side effects, unlike allopathic medicines. Shops and online sellers sell the penis enlargement creams as an over the counter product. So there is no need to have a doctor’s prescription unlike buying medicines.

Penis Enlargement Cream ingredients

Penis enlargement creams use 100% natural ingredients. History shows us that similar enhancing oils were used as early as 300 BCE.

The penis enlargement cream contains the following ingredients-

Peppermint leaves– the function of these leaves is to constrict the blood vessels.

L-arginine– It is a type of amino acid that helps in increasing your sexual desire.

Flavonoids– The use of these herbal products is to increase your desire for sex.

Other herbal elements-There are some plant-based enzymes. These help the Cream to get absorbed in the skin.

What is the Use of Penis Enlargement Cream?

Penis enlargement creams help to increase the size of your penis. This can be particularly useful for persons who have a much shorter size. When used daily it increases the size of your penis thus allowing deeper penetration.

It also helps you to hold longer before ejaculation. This means more excitement and a better level of orgasm.

What is The Dosage Of Penis Enlargement Cream?

Apply penis enlargement creams only after seeing the directions for use. Take around a small pea-sized ball of cream and apply it gently on the penis.

You can also consult a physician or a doctor for getting an idea of the perfect dose. As it is a herbal product there are no serious side effects but there can be rashes on the skin.

The ideal dose is to apply the cream 2-3 times a day. Use it for 1-2 months to see the changes.


Use any penis enlargement cream only after seeing the back cover and directions for use. The application of the penis enlargement cream is very simple.

Initially, you can use apply the cream on a small part of the penis. Wait for a day to see signs of any rashes, inflammation, and burning sensation. If you are the same then you must consult the doctor.

Apply in the recommended amounts only.

But before changing creams it is better to take the recommendation from your doctor. This is because some of the ingredients are different and may have adverse side effects. Different persons react differently to different brands.

Use light movements to cover your entire penis with the cream. Avoid stroking like masturbating because you may ejaculate prematurely as well. If you have a bent penis or a curved make sure to apply slowly and evenly on all parts.

Ensure to clean your hands properly before and after using the medicines.

The cream will get absorbed within the skin by the process of osmosis. So give a few minutes and allow the osmotic process to complete.

Side Effects

As penis enlargement cream is made from herbal products there are almost no side effects. But some persons may have burning sensation, inflammation and rashes on the skin. In such cases you have to consult a doctor.

Penis Enlargement Cream supplier

There are many different brands available in the market. The penis enlargement cream categorizes under the over the counter medicines. So there are many suppliers of cream worldwide.

You can get find out more about the suppliers on the internet and from your local medicine shop.

These suppliers sell creams to all the medicine shops and online sellers. Each one requires a registration number and a supplier identification number. It is not known whether you can buy from them directly as a retail customer.

Penis Enlargement Cream Price

The prices of different brands of creams are different. There are many brands and most of them have the same ingredients more or less. The prices will also vary as per your region or country.

Penis Enlargement Cream Review

The penis enlargement cream is good in case you have side effects from other types of treatment. It is a 100% natural product and this is the biggest advantage of these creams. You may expect to have the least side effects by the use of this cream.

Many persons have got very good results. They have been able to get harder and longer erections. This has helped them to rejuvenate their sexual life. This product is also available at an affordable price.

Frequently Ask Question

After application, these creams get absorbed in the skin by the process of osmosis. Osmosis is the process by which the substances pass across a semipermeable membrane. Here that membrane is your skin.

The gel-type liquid is a water-based hypertonic solution. This means that the cream will absorb more rather than get diffused in the air. Most of the ingredients used to stimulate your penis to cause harder erections.

You can buy penis enlargement cream from your local medicine shops or the online stores. these enhancement gels sell as over the counter medicines. So you do not need to have a doctor’s prescription to buy them.

These creams are easily available as there are many brands. Before buying you can check out the price and do a comparison online. make sure that if you are ordering online you buy them from a well-known trusted online pharmacy.

It helps you to increase in size and reduce dryness. It also increases the sensitivity of the penis. The Xpanse cream will also help your penis to increase in girth. This is essential for orgasm in women.

The Xpanse cream helps you to remove the dryness from the skin. Thus you can have better penetrations and enjoyment.

The Xpanse cream can absorb very quickly. The ingredients used in making the cream are all 100% original. It is safe to use with the least side effects. It is also an over the counter medicine.

Men enlarging cream is similar to that of the penis enlargement cream. Users of the men enlarging cream claim that their penis size had a growth of 4 cm after using this cream daily. Men enlarging cream gives you a harder and longer erection. This means that you can have more fun on the bed with your partner.

Men enlarging cream increases the blood flow to your penis causing erections. You can use it every day and get better results within a month. The manufacturer claims that the product can be used by all men and for better performance. It will also have minimal or nil side effects.

By now you must have got the idea that these are all similar types of creams used for the same purpose. It is needless to say that the product is 100% natural. It helps to increase the size of your penis in length and girth.