How to increase immunity system naturally

The immunity system is the basic defense mechanism of our body. It helps us to fight against malicious diseases causing microorganisms and keep us healthy. These are the WBCs that are primarily responsible for barricading the entry of the pathogens in our body. There are various types of cells present in the immune system each one with its function.

As different types of cells give us immunity they all need to work in tandem. This ensures that this internal defense mechanism is fighting in our body in a non-stop way even without us being aware of it.

When we suffer from any type of diseases these immunity cells engage in a battle but lose. But after taking proper medicines and treatment we get well. But our immunity cells seem to memorize this type of microorganisms for fighting a better battle next time. Scientists have known a lot of the working of the immunity system and how it defends our body but some of the things are still under research.

One of the simple facts is that your lifestyle habits like eating habits can highly influence the working of this system or even degrade it. One of the best ways to improve your immunity is to look for natural ways. The 6 topics of increasing your immunity that are mentioned here are very simple and can be practiced by everyone.

1. What you eat is very important for your diet

Eating a healthy diet is very important for strong immunity. Some vital nutrients are highly essential for increasing our body resistance. Most of them are plant-based food products like fruits, vegetables, spices, and even some herbs. Some foods have made you less prone to viral and bacterial diseases. So this way we can say that they make our immune system strong. Some of the good spices are clove, oregano, cinnamon; turmeric that has that protects us from various infections.

Some of the micronutrients like zinc, iron, selenium, copper, and vitamins like A, C, E, B6, and B12 are very good for building a stronger immune system. Vitamin C is known to decrease the chances of various infections. All types of citrus fruits like kiwis, lemon, and oranges are recommended for regular intake.

An important nutrient for our immune system is the protein. Researches show that the amino acids in the proteins repair the immunity cells of the WBCs. Other food items that are highly beneficial for the body are carrots, broccoli, spinach, red bell papers. To add protein to your diet adds fishes like tuna and salmon, poultry items like eggs and lean meat. Any type of sea fish is a good source of protein.

 2. Do not take too much stress

One of the biggest problems of the modern generation is dealing with stress. Most of the people today live a very hectic lifestyle. They do not have time to spend quality time or on their hobbies.

Here is the impact of high-stress levels on our body. When we suffer from extreme stress our body hormone known as cortisol is released in large amounts. Due to this, our body goes into the fight response mode before the stressful event. What happens is that the cortisol hormone prevents the immune system from reacting during such stressful conditions. When the cortisol hormone is high for a sustained amount of time generally months or years it blocks the immune system from responding naturally. This makes us more prone to the disease-causing germs.

What can help you to distress?

Many scientists and health experts say that doing meditation is the best way to distress. It can be done anytime during the day. So persons who have their stress levels high can do meditation daily during their free time. Doing meditation can help to decrease tension levels. You can start by doing meditation for just 10 minutes a day. When you gradually get used to it you will be easily meditating for much longer.

Another most common way to distress yourself is to indulge in any activity you like. You can do some fun activities that help you relax. You can watch movies or play with your kids.

3. Get plenty of sleep

It is known that our body heals when we sleep. Sleeping is a critical activity for the immune system in our body. Scientists also say that during sleep various cells of our body that have been damaged are repaired including immunity cells. During sleep a key immunity cell known as cytokines, T cells, interleukin 12are produced in our body. All these cells have various immune functions in our body.

Simply said then when we are not able to get enough sleep our body is not able to manufacture the key immunity providing cells. This hampers the normal functioning of the immune system. It makes the immune system weakens over time and thus we are highly [prone to various infections and diseases.  

Not able to get proper sleep especially at night can also increase stress levels and thus your immune system can be affected very badly. Unable to sleep at night can generally cause insomnia which is the term used to describe sleeplessness during night time.

Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep a day. Avoid electronic gadgets during the night. Also, avoid any type of violence and stress-causing things like quarreling.  

4. Don’t skip your daily exercise routine

It has been long known that doing daily exercises can improve your overall health. It helps us to decrease stress and keeps our major organs such as the heart and the brain healthy. It significantly lowers the possibility of several acute diseases like obesity, diabetes and any type of heart disease.

It can be said that keeping in mind the hectic schedule the role of exercises has become all the more important these days. Most of us do not exercise although the recent trends show that humans have started to become self-aware about their health. You can exercise in the morning for 10 minutes daily. Just doing this much and after a few months, you will feel the difference yourself.

Medical research conducted has also found out that doing exercises helps to release endorphins. These hormones reduce internal body pain and make us feel cheerful.

You can do a variety of daily exercises like running, jogging, skipping or the more specific exercises like squats and push-ups. Jogging and skipping are very good for our cardio health.

Apart from these, the role of yoga is also very important. Elder people who cannot do the extensive exercises can focus on doing yoga. These are mainly body stretching in particular body positions and maintaining a few body postures.

You can take the help of YouTube and the internet on knowing more about exercises and yoga and how they have to be done the right way.   

5. Lower your alcohol intake

If you drink high amounts of alcohol daily then you can also suffer from lower immunity function. Scientists and medical researchers say that when you drink excessive alcohol your body is involved in removing the toxins out of your body and thus the immune system remains deactivated.

Various types of diseases can be caused by people who are addicted to alcohol. Some of the most common ones are pneumonia, respiratory diseases, liver disease, and even some types of cancers. Even the recovery time from diseases and infections are generally prolonged in people taking too much alcohol per day. Limit your alcohol use and other drugs. Speak to doctors if necessary o how to reduce your alcohol intake.

6. Smoking Cigarettes is going to cost you

Cigarettes can also be highly dangerous and make your immune system weak. The high amount of toxins like nicotine, carbon-di-oxide, and nitrogen oxides and cadmium which is a heavy metal forms a layer on the inner lining of the airways, bronchioles, and lungs. This causes various types of respiratory infections. Smoking cigarettes is very harmful to our lungs and the heart.

According to the latest medical studies it is stated that the harmful substances present in cigarettes can damage the immunity providing cells.

Smoking can cause persons to become more prone to lung infections, tuberculosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Various types of resources will help you to reduce the urge to smoke cigarettes. Visit and discuss with your doctor on how you can reduce cigarette smoking, replacing them with some non-nicotine based e-cigarettes and behavioral therapy.   

Things to note before signing off

Try to maintain these 6 habits in your daily activities. These will help you to increase your immune system to become stronger naturally. There is not too much that is involved here. After all, everyone wants to lead a better lifestyle. It has to be understood that some of the factors mentioned here may be interrelated among them. Most of the factors stated here are our lifestyle and other habits. So if you one of them it automatically affects the other one. You can speak with doctors and health experts more on how to increase your immune system naturally. 

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